Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Michael Vick’s Property Could Become Animal Sanctuary

by Jake Richardson Feb 9, 2011 

A group called Dogs Deserve Better is trying to raise $600,000 by March 20 to purchase Michael Vick’s old Surry County home.  If they successfully purchase Vick’s former property, they will acquire multiple acres of land with sheds and kennels.
Dogs Deserve Better is a national non-profit focused on taking care of abandoned and abused dogs, and freeing them from chains. They say chaining dogs can result in attacks on children and adults because such dogs are often unsocialized and act territorial. The organization’s founder spent 52 days chained to a doghouse to raise awareness about the cruelty of chaining.
On their website, the group states how they wish to use Michael Vick’s property: “There are 15 acres where we will build a state of the art dog caretaking facility and train these neglected, unsocialized dogs to live inside as part of the family.”
For about six years Vick financed a dogfighting ring and was involved in torturing and killing dogs. Eventually he was convicted of being involved in an interstate dogfighting conspiracy. For this felony he was sentenced to 23 months in prison. After being released from jail he returned to pro football and was chosen for the Pro Bowl. Since his imprisonment, he has volunteered his time to warn others about becoming involved in such bad behavior.
Some people think Vick’s talent in football makes his behavior acceptable. An article in Time magazine stated, “Vick exited prison and worked harder than ever, transforming himself into a better quarterback than he was before his punishment. No matter what you think of Vick personally, that’s an act of atonement.” Achievements in sports, however, are not an atonement for personal transgression.
One thing Mr. Vick could do to keep moving himself in the right direction is to make a large donation to the Dogs Deserve Better project and help convert his previous residency into a sanctuary for animals. Mr. Vick and his associates invested very large sums of money and effort in committing violence against animals, so making a large donation to take care of animals would help make up for the harm he has done in the past.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitten saved from trash compactor

By: Dan Ivers
MERIDEN - A 4-month-old kitten rescued from a trash compactor last week was recuperating at the Humane Society Monday.
The kitten, which is almost totally blind, was found by Dainty Rubbish Service employees during regular pickup in Middletown Thursday morning. Mike Armetta, a manager at the firm, said he and a mechanic were shoveling trash from a truck and loading it into the compactor when they spotted the kitten inside a small box among the garbage.
"It was behind the blade. It's a miracle that the animal didn't end up in there," he said.
Armetta, a self-described animal lover, said animals often seek a bit of warmth in the company's trucks during the winter, although most discoveries involve raccoons or skunks. When he spotted the kitten, however, he scooped it out, cleaned it and contacted the local humane society in Meriden.
Humane Society Director Marlena DiBianco said the cat, which has been named Pacman due to his close encounter with the trash compactor, is recovering well and "eating like a horse," although it will likely require major surgery to save one of its eyes.
Despite the cost the no-kill shelter will incur to help Pacman retain some of his vision, DiBianco said she couldn't be more thankful to Armetta and the other employees who helped save his life.
"They saved it ... I was really happy that they did that," she said Monday.
Neither Armetta nor DiBianco could be sure if the cat was a stray that climbed into the garbage or if it had been intentionally placed in a dumpster. However, it is being cared for both at DiBianco's home and at the Humane Society, on Murdock Avenue, where regular volunteer Ann Trinkaus has been watching over him since he arrived.
Once his health has been restored the organization will begin searching for a suitable home, although one candidate has already emerged - Armetta said he would like to eventually bring the kitten home himself.
"This animal would have been crushed" if not for Armetta, said Trinkaus. "It would have been a terrible death ... it would be a wonderful ending."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog chained and left for dead under South Carolina bridge - National Dogs |

Camden, SC – Rescue organizations do the best they can with the resources that they have. But when the resources are not there – when there are no funds for vetting or foster homes to place dogs in, sometimes, rescues regretfully have to say “no” to an at-risk dog at a shelter.
Noah’s Arks Rescue was in that regretful position when they received a call about a dog earlier this week. Hunters had discovered the dog – he had been chained under a bridge, tethered in the water and left to die.

The rescue immediately said no to the request to take the dog in – they did not have the resources necessary to save the dog. But then the photos arrived.  Photos of a defeated dog. Photos that revealed a dog with eyes so hurt and solemn that the no was quickly changed to a yes.

Sometimes, compassion trumps resources – such is the case with the dog known as Abel.  Abel is in sorry condition. He is suffering from heartworms and a blood disease known as Babesia. His body is emaciated, he is infested with parasites and his teeth are worn to nubs.  Abel is defeated. The senior dog is the picture of sadness. He has endured a life of abuse and neglect and when the person that made him endure such horror was done with him, they chained him in the water and left him to die.

There are no words to adequately reflect the sorrow for what Abel has endured in his life.
For perhaps the first time, Abel is receiving love and attention – good food and a soft bed. Noah’s Arks Rescue is determined to make Abel’s remaining weeks, months or possibly years, as good as they can be.

Abel will never be abandoned again. Please click this link to help Abel and other dogs like him. We all can’t be there to hold this defeated dog’s head in our lap, but we can support the people that are.

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